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Bamboo wind chime painted design
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Bamboo wind chime painted design

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These fair trade wind chimes are hand crafted from environmentally-sound bamboo 2 designs to choose from

The artists who craft these hand pick, cut, and tune the the bamboo tubes to create their soft natural sounds. The musical quality is simple and sweet and transmits well through the air. The subtle sounds of the bamboo in the breeze said to be a relaxing and calming influence on the soul.

Bamboo chimes are used in feng shui to slow down fast flowing energy, and stimulate stagnant energy, having a harmonizing effect on the flow of energy.
(Feng shui is about the art and science of arranging your external surroundings so that they enhance the quality of your life and your fortune, health and happiness.)

By buying from Fair Trade advocates like Bayshore Imports you are supporting independant artisans and their families, across the world.

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